Sweet SIP Voice Channels / Fixed Phone Lines

Our Sweet SIP trunks / voice line options offer your business budgeting certainty .

  • Unlimited calls to local numbers and national numbers on our SIP Plans.
  • The option of unlimited calls (including mobiles and 13/1300 numbers) with our SIP Premium Plan.
  • SIP / Voice services, delivered over your existing business internet connection, or a Sweet new one.

Sweet SIP trunks can be configured to run over any internet connection, but we’ll advise you on minimum requirements. We do not recommend running over an adsl internet connection, that is to be also used for the businesses internet requirements.

Please note that all SIP trunks need to be on the same plan. Ie. can not be a mix of SIP Value or SIP Premium.
All pricing is exclusive of GST unless stated otherwise.

    sweet sip value
    $25 /month /1x channel /ex gst
    Includes: Unlimited Local and National Calls
    Mobile calls: $0.25c /minute
    13/1300 calls: $0.50c /minute
    min total cost over 24 months
    is $600 ex gst
    sweet sip premium
    $60 /month /1x channel /ex gst
    Includes: Unlimited Local, National Calls,
    1300 & Mobile Calls
    min total cost over 24 months
    is $1,440 ex gst