1300 Numbers

Sweet non-geographic 1300 numbers increase inbound enquiries to your business by 33%.

With a 1300 number from Sweet you’ll be able to:

✓ Build a national brand image

✓ Monitor marketing campaigns by measuring incoming call traffic

✓ Cheaper calls for your customers make it easier for them to get in touch

✓ Number portability lets you easily keep your number when you relocate your business


The charges break down into setup, rental and call charges.

Once-Off Set-Up

ServiceOnce-off cost
Sweet 1300 Set-Up $65.00


ServiceMonthly cost
Sweet 1300 Line rental$22.00

Call charges

Answering Point
Call OriginFixed Telephone (per min)Mobile (per min)
Local Call(First 20 mins free) $0.097$0.540
National Call$0.097$0.540
Mobile Call$0.162$0.540

All Prices in our Telecoms Plan are ex GST, unless stated otherwise and and valid for 14 days. Direct Debit from Credit Card or Bank Account required.

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Step 1. Choose your Sweet SIP™ Plan.

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Do you want out-going calls to display your office number? If so please provide the required number.
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In the event of an outage at your premises (e.g. a power outage), your calls can be diverted to another number.
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Step 2. 24 month contract? *
Step 3. New WiFi .AC Modem/Router *
Sweet recommends our new, pre-configured WiFi modem/router, with the latest WiFi .AC technology - so your team can operate their devices efficiently. Our team are able to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly, with devices we recommend and sell.
Step 4. Professional Installation (at your business) *
So NBN Co. have delivered your new internet connection, to somewhere in your building... What next? Where does this plug go? Why does this not connect? How do I connect all these machines and phones?! You and your team are the experts at what you do and may not be experts at setting up a new internet connection, WiFi router, printers, computers, connecting new phones, etc. No stress, Sweet can take care of it all.

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