Our 6 tips to remote-working happiness

Communicate regularly

At minimum, arrange to speak with your managers / team once in the morning and once at the end of the day or at the end of the week, ensure you summarise your achievements.

Use available technology

  • Sweet CloudPBX,
  • Phone/mobile calls
  • SMS
  • Chat apps

If you need your internet speed increased, speak to us if we’re your provider. If we’re not, how come we’re not? 😉

Get Comfortable

Avoid working from the sofa, or for that matter bed! (yes we know they’re comfortable – but not for working!) Set yourself up with a desk in a quiet corner somewhere or at minimum – the kitchen table.

Correct Posture

Make sure your screen is the right height and keep your shoulders back – not hunched forward. Prolonged working from home may eventuate, grab a wireless keyboard and external monitor.

Plan your day

We all succeed with tasks and the days plan in writing, but with remote working the washing probably needs doing, the kids toy box needs clearing out…   maybe use the time you’d be commuting as the only time to do these tasks.

Plan your breaks

Make sure you plan regular breaks away from your desk – get fresh air, stand up and stretch, walk the pooch around the block, go and have a cuppa in the sunshine.